Corporate financial reorganization and management

In case of crisis (not only one on a world scale but within the company as well) financial reorganization is an inevitable exigency. Owing to our time-proof experience we are aware of which actions should be taken to achieve a long-term financial stability. Recapitalization and refinansation are the key steps that companies usually encounter in times of crisis. This problem is often very closely connected with the optimization of balance sheet items, particularly with working capital which is the main source allowing to improve corporate liquidity.

Working capital management program consists of systematic inspection of company units or, if necessary, abandonment of company units, sales monitoring and selected support in negotiating transactions.

Corporate expenses optimization is not only the consequence of the crisis. Continuos expenses monitoring and submitting offers are within the competence of our consultants.

Active liability management and supervision together with successful financial rating management are a huge success creating a surplus value for our clients.

Representation — we will represent your company directly in the banks or to the investors and negotiate about the most advantageous conditions for you while protecting your interests.

Our consultants prepare business plans, budgets, cash flow, assess the branch of industry and select financial products.

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Support for investors

In order to accept the right investment decision you need a partner who considers the object of your interest properly and provides you with necessary advice and comprehensive assistance. As you sell or buy companies our consultants offer qualified consultations on all investment cycles.

Our objective in cooperating with investors is to maximize the value of the acquired company.

Company evaluation and audit — we offer both financial and commercial or legal evaluation. We represent a buyer or a seller in negotiations.

Increase of acquired company value — we help in corporate finance reorganization, implement corporate property, production capacity, efficiency and managing staff monitoring.

Corporate activities monitoring — property sales or production effectiveness increase, cash flows management can be one of the sources for coping with crisis.

Are you an investor? We will help you in buying or selling business.

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Financial control and risk management

Accountants should guarantee that the company business model is correctly displayed on the balance sheet and profit/loss statement and ensure that the results in the statements would not be changed.

However, the risk of inaccurate accountancy, inadequate enforcement of decisions or other potential risks in corporate activities can cause adverse effects on the strategic decisions of corporate management.

Risk management — we help to evaluate and perform these processes in the company and provide risk management recommendations:

  • Activity management
  • Enforcement of decisions
  • Working capital management
  • Balance monitoring
  • Tax risk
  • Investment risk
  • Derivatives risk
  • Legislative risk

Corporate restructuring

At some stages of corporate functioning there remains one thing to undertake — enable restructuring process. Top management and investors/creditors will be provided by our consultants with excellent and agreeable to both parties corporate restructuring conception as well as financial restructuring. We actively participate in the implementation of the restructuring plan as we know how soon it has to start working. We have professional people who can take up interim management positions in the restructuring phase.

Restructuring process — at some stages of corporate functioning there remains one thing to undertake — enable restructuring process. Top management and investors/creditors will be provided with:

  • Agreeable to both parties corporate restructuring conception
  • Financial restructuring
  • Active participation in the implementation of the restructuring plan

Interim manager in the restructuring phase — while functioning as interim manager our consultant ensures the efficiency and quality of the restructuring process.

Strategic planning and strategic audit

Strategic planning is a success factor in the development of a prosperous corporation. Strategic decision is the basis for long-term value creation. It is the main purpose and priority in top management. Our consultants will help you not only to evaluate the strong and weak sides of the company, but also to estimate market opportunities and competitors' situation.

Strategic planning — we provide an action plan and ensure its implementation phases: from a vision and task framing to finance and investment justification.

„Benchmarking“ — we have developed a process of „benchmarking“ for strategic planning, which is to meet all of your requirements.

Our unbiased approach and assessment of the situation will help you in making strategic decisions.

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Working capital management

Our objective is expansion of your working capital. Company growth requires money. Companies simply can find additional resources for working capital optimization. Optimization can be realized at three levels: receivables, payables and inventories. In order to develop additional activities you can obtain additional resources by thorough optimization of the main business revenue cycle management (sales, products, logistics/distribution, receivables management) and payment cycle management (acquisitions, supplies, payments).

Working capital optimization — we prepare working capital optimization plan and consult in each phase of its implementation.

Operation expenses structuring — we estimate the operation expenses structure and tendencies of your company and provide you with managing schemes.

Real estate

Real estate is one of the most efficient corporate property components and at the same time it follows wage as concerns outlay structure. This indicates that real estate requires efficient and professional management. Apart from a necessity of obtaining private property which is not immediately concerned with corporate activities, proper maintenance, rent and utilities outlay management of existing property can reduce expenses substantially.

Property liquidity ratings and recoupment of capital investment forecast — depending on the destination of property, we evaluate your resources and advice on investment matters, take part in projects in search for sponsors or investors.

Market analysis — we provide similar property or rental prices market analysis, offer solutions for development possibilities and efficiency of existing activities.

Financial management software installation

In consideration of your company requirements we prepare individual financial management tools for you (cash flows, efficiency, financial rate computing, company units efficiency management, product profitability) and train responsible employees to use them.

We will evaluate individual specificity and requirements of your company and provide best financial solutions.

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