The formula for success is our staff

Our professional consultants not only are excellent strategists, analysts and lawyers. All of them are strong and creative personalities with various qualifications. They are professionals and practitioners. They are keenly aware of corporate activities in different branches of industry, market situation, business tax and legal environment, have a large practice in representing clients' interests in banks, public institutions and court.

Our staff is our principal treasure. We hire, improve and retain only exceptionally analytical and creative minds, stimulate their development so as to create value for our clients and company.

Before joining our team the majority of our consultants have been holding managing positions in well-known big Lithuanian and international corporations, banks, legal advice agencies.

The style of our work is based upon respect and clearness towards both our clients and our company.

Professional excellence

We elaborate business and financial strategies, provide reliable and pragmatic solutions which help our clients to raise the value of their companies. Therefore professional excellence and high ethical standards are obligatory to our consultants. To us, professional excellence is constant improvement in search for new approaches and solutions. Being pioneers, we embody the latest business and financial strategies, collaborate with the leaders of academic community of this field. To us, professional excellence not only means comprehensive consultations and timely high-quality work, but also is it a constant concern in client's business environment and his financial state as well as awareness of his activities regarding law and taxes. We immediately control and have a conscientious attitude to the quality of actions performed by each client, as it ensures long-term relations with clients and a good reputation for company.


As we understand it, enterprise is first and foremost business success with taking a responsibility for achieving it. In other words — working under nobody's influence, evaluating risks, searching for unconventional solutions. Only then will we be able to provide an exceptional value for our clients.


Our clients' success is our success. We devote our entire energy to this one purpose. This requires a full professionalism, loyalty and sincerity. Therefore we create an atmosphere of mutual trust and constructive dialogue. We see our clients and consultants as a joint team. That is why partnership is one of our core values. Our objective is to surpass clients' expectations.

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